This is where you would normally find an excerpt from my current release.  Sorry to disappoint you.  Doing research for Kane Wallace, the US Park Ranger in book 2, I discovered a group of unsung heroes.  Men and women who fight wildland fires.


Although Hotshots are based throughout the US, they go all over to fight fires where needed using shovels, axes, chainsaws. 

Helitac  crews belay from a helicopter and set down on the ground close to the fire, using the same hand tools.

Smokejumpers jump out of an airplane and deploy their parachutes to land in a safe zone.  Their equipment arrives by parachute.  Each man has to be able to carry a hundred and ten pounds of equipment on his back, things he'll need to survive.

Each time these groups of firefighters go out, they put their lives on the line, knowing that their situation can change in a moment from unexpected wind shifts.

To find out more about these brave men and women, go to YouTube and search Hotshots, Helitac Crews and Smokejumpers.  You will have a new found respect for these men and women.  I certainly do.

I hope you enjoy Kiss of Fire.

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