Judy Kentrus' Newsletter

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Unfortunately, my three books in Kindle World are no longer available since Amazon decided to end the program.  I will be getting my rights back in July.  The books will be revised, expanded, and re-issued with new covers and titles. In all fairness,  my readers will be informed that these books are re-issues.


I have always loved to read and write, but put my writing career on hold to raise my family.  My reading interest runs from contemporary romance, romantic suspense to espionage and cookbooks.

I married Joe, my high school sweetheart, and he will always be

 the love of my life.

Elusive Obsession, Scott and Julie's story, is the first book  I enjoy creating interesting characters and page-turning situations.  There is always a touch of sexy spice and they all have happily ever after.

Maid To Order,  Russell and Alexis' story.  You met Russell in Elusive Obsession and through a series of unplanned circumstances, he gets involved with Alexis Snow, a former world-class model.  She owns and operates Merry Maids and he avoids "dirt".  Sparks fly but Russell has finally met his match.

Arrest of the Heart, Lincoln and Jessie's story,   Lincoln is best friends with Scott and Russell.  Readers loved Lincoln so much, they wanted him to have his own book.  I paired him up with the perfect woman, a kick-ass road sergeant. Mae Whipper, the owner of the Spoonful Cafe, whips up delicious meals and desserts.  This is the first book that takes place in Laurel Heights, a small town I've created in the Laurel Highlands of PA.

Winner Takes All will also take place in Laurel Heights.  It's Cindi Pearl and Preston Reynolds story.  This book is very special to me because it focuses on one of our heroes who fought for the rights and freedom of others.  You will also meet heroes, children with physical disabilities, known as the Super Kids, who race in soapbox derbies.

The Wedding Gift was a book I never planned to write.  Readers love Cindi and Preston from Winner Takes All and wanted to know more about the couple.  This is about their wedding that takes in December.  Cindi has always wanted a winter wedding.  Two weeks before they say "I do" a man from Cindi's past comes back in her life and wants to pick up where he left off fifteen years ago.  First, he has to break her engagement.  He has an ulterior motive that will keep you turning pages. You'll meet the Lemon Sister, Bertie, Muriel and Sadie,  three senior citizens who don't consider themselves over the hill.  It is filled with lots of humor.

Tea In Time,Samantha Kingsley and Luke "Star Hunter" O'Ryan's book takes place in my favorite town, Laurel Heights.  Everyone has asked for Samantha's story and I'm sure you will love the man I have chosen to bring her everlasting happiness.

The Association:  You will be visiting a new town, Beacon Pointe, a resort town on the New Jersey shore. It's about four mature couples whose lives were influenced by the Footlight Theater.  The Association was formed by four sixteen-year-old boys while they were in high school.  Book 1  Everett, an actor and songwriter:  Book 2  Jackson, high school principal;  Book 3,  Mason,  runs the newspaper and did work for the CIA;  Book 4,  Ryder, Police Lieutenant  

Visit the Beacon Pointe Footlight Theater page to find out more about these four men and the women who have influenced their lives.

A Kiss at Sunset   This is book one in my US Park Ranger series.  You will meet a familiar character that readers decided to get his own story.  I agree.  Treig John Taylor, aka TJ, meets his match in US Park Ranger, Cameron MacGregor. You will also find out about the lives of some of the other characters from Laurel Heights.  I had the privilege of interviewing a US Park Ranger.  WOW!  Their job isn't just "a walk around the park."  You will be amazed.  Right now there will be two more books in the series.