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 You've all met Lincoln Adams in both Elusive Obsession and Maid to Order.  This is his book.  I'm sure you are going to love what I have done with our favorite pirate.  The first chapter is in the back of Maid to Order and on my Website.

My characters love to bake and cook so I'll share their delicious goodies. 

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Judy KentruS

Contemporary Romance Author









 Russell Long volunteers to take his best friends children to Disney World while Scott and Julie Landis are on their honeymoon.  The care-free bachelor, not wanting to complicate his life with a wife and family of his own, returns from vacation to discover an ad in the personal column:  Wanted:  Wife, little or no experience.  Willing to pay $20,000. Send all inquiries to R. Long, c/o this newspaper.  The intended joke backfires and he is drawn into the scandalous life of Alexis Snow, owner of Mary Maids Janitorial Services and a former world-class fashion model.  Once framed for smuggling stolen jewelry, someone from her past is out to destroy her life, once and for all.





maid to order

Julie Keaton is an attractive widow raising two children on her own.  She never accepted her husband's death was an accident.  Her life makes a dramatic chnage when she agrees to do a last minute favor for her her sister who owns a catering and party specialty business.  She just has to pop out of a birthday cake for an 85 year old senior citizen.  It's an easy two-hundred dollars.

Her half hour's work tuns into a nightmare when they push the birthday cake into the wrong party.  The birthday boy is a handsome, virile thirty-five year old.

Scott Landis is bored with his own surprise party.  When raunchy striper music, accompanied by a sexy blond stripper livens up the festivities,  he decides to have a little fun and wonders how much she would charge to celebrate his birthday in a more private setting.