Lincoln Adams is a successful businessman who closed the door on the painful memories of his past, eighteen years ago.  When a friend from another lifetime calls in his marker, Linc is duty bound to return to Laurel Heights. Forced to save a dying town, he uncovers secrets that will change his life forever.

Sgt. Jessie Taylor has fought hard to establish herself as a respected police officer.  When her brother's best friend returns to Laurel Heights, he helps to destroy her reputation and becomes a threat to everything she holds dear in life.  


Julie Keaton is an attractive widow struggling to raise two children on her own.  To earn extra money, she occasionally works for her sister who owns a party specialty business.  She agrees to pop out of a birthday cake for a geriatric citizen.  Her life turns into a nightmare when they push the cake into the wrong party.

Scott Landis is bored with his own surprise party.  When a sexy blond stripper livens up the festivities,  he wonders how much she would charge to celebrate his birthday in a more private setting.





​​Wanted:  Wife, little or no experience.  Willing to pay $20,000. Send all inquiries to R. Long, c/o this newspaper. 

The intended joke backfires and  Russell Long, a carefree bachelor,  is drawn into the scandalous life of Alexis Snow, owner of Mary Maids Janitorial Services and a former world-class fashion model.  Once framed for smuggling stolen jewelry, someone from her past is out to destroy her life, once and for all.






Love never dies.

 Sometimes it just needs a rest.

Judy Kentrus' Newsletter

Samantha Kingsley’s dream is about to come true, opening Tea in Time, her teashop and small bakery in Laurel Heights.  Her boss asks her to take on one last job as an undercover insurance investigator.  Her assignment is to investigate a huge trucking conglomerate and find out the cause of unexplained accidents.  While reviewing the company and its owners, she recognizes the president and CEO.  Sam is torn between doing her job and fighting the love she has for the only man who has ever made her feel like a woman.  The last time she’d seen that compelling handsome face, she was half naked and giving him a lap dance. 

Grayson Wolff was currently enjoying the success the microbreweries he’d added to the family’s chain of roadhouses. Working and taking care of his nine-year-old nephew didn’t leave time in his life for a woman.

 That all changes when Jennie Reynolds, aka Malibu Barbie comes into the western style bar and orders a Pina Colada, with extra fruit.  With her California tan and white shorts she sticks out like a rose among a field of cacti.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Cindi Pearl Sullivan
Preston Reynolds

The perfect winter wedding has been planned and Preston and Cindi can’t wait to become man and wife.   Two weeks before the wedding, Cindi’s high school sweetheart re-enters her life and wants to pick up where he left off.  First he has to break up the engagement.  





Caleb Hughes Thompson, owner of Hughes Department Stores, business-driven world is shattered when he receives a letter, written by his recently deceased brother. Daniel thrived on high adventure and lived each day as if it were his last.  His dying wish is to have Caleb locate his daughter, the result of a one night stand.  He should start in Fort Mavis, Texas.

Erin MacKenna is a single mom and a third grade teacher in the Davey Crocket primary school in Fort Mavis.  One crazy night of indiscretion resulted in the most wonderful gift she’d ever been given, her daughter Danielle.  Not wanting to damage her daughter of a preacher reputation, she tells everyone she was artificially inseminated.

Caleb needs someone to help plan Santa Traditions, the children’s holiday promotion at their Fort Mavis location.  A teacher in the primary school would be well-skilled dealing with young children. It would also be the perfect place to start searching for his niece.


Preston Reynolds, a former Army Ranger, let a part of himself in the desert from hell.  Life as he knew it was over.  No woman would ever want to look at, or touch him.  He never figured on Cindi Peal Sullivan sashaying in and turning his world upside down.

Cindi lives by the motto, "do a good deed, for a friend in need."  And Preston Reynolds needs a friend.  In her klutzy way, she shows him life is to be lived and he could enjoy the loving caress of a woman. 

Footlight Theater Series


“It can come back complicated and messy, but it’s the lesson one learns and the healing that makes your love stronger. You can’t rely on or change the past, but you’ll regret it if you don’t explore the reason you two were brought back together.”  

Nancy Jean Griffin and Sean Patrick Harrigan are reunited in Barefoot Bay.  They are surrounded by paradise, but did the love they felt for each other while they lived together in law school survive after twenty-four years apart?

Nancy dreamed of being a defense attorney in her small hometown, but Sean was seduced by the offer to fast track his career into the corporate world.  A successful lawyer and Chairman of the Planning Commission for her town, she found a comfortable love and he gave her a wonderful daughter.  A widow for ten years, she suffers the emptiness of the heart.  Fate steps in and delivers Sean back into her life, but she has reservations.   Did the love she felt for Sean survive, or was she holding onto memories from the past?

Walking away from Nancy was the hardest thing Sean ever had to do. Owner of a prestigious financial investment firm, he’s achieved untold success, but there’s one thing missing to complete his happiness.  Make Nancy Jean a permanent part of his life. He prayed with all his heart he could awaken the sleeping love she felt for him because his had never died.

It’s a roller coaster ride for their blossoming love when business obstacles step in to challenge their happily ever after.