Seasoned Romance

Judy Kentrus' Newsletter

                The  Association


Summer of 1984

                The space shuttle Discovery took off on its maiden voyage; The Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles; the lives of Everett Troy, Jackson Vance, Mason Trent and Ryder Wayne were changed forever.

            Once a week, under the cover of darkness, they hid beneath the boardwalk and plied their adolescent bodies with beer and hard liquor.  Sixteen was considered the age of innocence, but their naiveté was stolen when they witness a man being dragged onto the moon-brightened beach and a gun pressed against his forehead.  Thunder from crashing waves camouflaged the killing shots.

            Shock sobered their drink besotted brains and they waited until the killers left before they made their escape.  Scared out of their minds, they made their way to police headquarters and poured out their horrific story to the police officer at the front desk.

            With their breaths reeking of alcohol, no one believes they witnessed a murder, but for one rookie cop.  He offers to drive them back to the scene, but when they arrive, the body is gone, like it never happened. 

            A week later they each receive a note.  If they open their mouths, they and their families would suffer the same fate.

            As The Association, they watch each other’s backs. The boys think they’re home free until a couple of months before they graduate high school.  Cocaine is found in Everett Troy’s locker. His admittance to Julliard School of Music is rescinded; Jackson Vance and Mason Trent's grades are tampered with and they lose their scholarships to Ivy League schools; an unregistered handgun
shows up in Ryder Wayne’s locker, killing his chances to go into the FBI.

            Despite the threat hanging over their lives and being blackmailed by unknown forces to maintain their silence, they achieved success in their chosen professions.  Everett Troy, Oscar and Tony Award Winner; Jackson Vance, High School Principal; Mason Trent, Publisher of The Beacon Pointe Gazette; Ryder Wayne, Lieutenant on Beacon Pointe Police Force.

years after that fateful night, they’ve reached the middlescence of their lives and decide, as The Association, to finally fight back and look into the murder.  During their investigation, they’re shocked to learn how much influence the killers have made on their lives and the women they love.