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Holiday Series

Fall is here!  I absolutely love the fall season with all of its colors, the crisp change in the air, the way the clouds race over the moon, pumpkins, crazy shaped gourds. The trees don coats of orange, reds and gold. Then it's making pumpkin pie, hearty soups.  I start decorating my house Labor Day weekend. 

That's my front door and the rocking chairs on the open porch.  The front of my house gets decorated with haunted houses, lots of lights, skeletons, the works, the end of September.

Why not write a story about one of my very favorite holidays, Halloween? I had a lot of fun researching the storyline that includes playing with an Ouija board, tea leaf reading, and casting spells.  

I decided to write the short verse, A Witch's Tale, as it turns out, is the entire storyline.  Can I do that again? I don't think so.  Go to Sneak Peek to find out more.

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