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   A Timeless Kiss

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The Vanderbilt Series  

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Footlight Theater Series

I can't believe Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are here.  I'll be switching the fall decorations in my house the day after Thanksgiving.

No, I don't go shopping on Black Friday and have actually gotten a few Christmas presents.  I have some serious cookie baking to do so that will keep me busy.

I have three books you'll enjoy celebrating the holidays. The Wedding Gifthas been revised and has a new cover and of course,  Danielle's Christmas Wish.  Both are .99 on Amazon.

Coming December 1st:  Meredith and Ryan's story.  The couple met in Danielle's Christmas Wish and were in A Witch's Tale.  (Yes, my mischevious Angel Daniel is back.)  Check out Sneak Peek 

Eden Prairie 

Coming December 1 st!


Laurel Heights Series